Heavy Rock Days

Pez's first professional band was Bitches Sin the cult heavy metal band. He played bass in the band and gigged all around the UK.Following on from that he formed his own band Goldsmith a more melodic rock band and again worked the clubs and universities.Goldsmith released just the one single at the time "Life is Killing me" which was played on Radio 1 in the UK. A compilation album has been released in Europe a couple of times with demand still strong particularly in Germany.



Following Goldsmith Perry was briefly in a new wave band Small In A Big Way and then moved to London and dropped out of making music commercially other than some studio session work and a collaboration with Marc Woodhouse on a song featuring vocals by the late great Colin Vearncombe.

A move to Manchester and a serendipitous meeting with fellow muso Darren Poyzer and Pez was brought kicking and screaming into playing at an open mic like a startled rabbit in the headlights of a car. 

An album in 2004 The Music Room was played extensively on US college radio.


In 2007 Pez moved to the Lake District. 

In 2012 he met Anita Anderson and they formed Watching Columbo a much admired duo who played in south Cumbria for 2 years. 

Since then he has been lead vox and guitar for rock trio Eaten By Crocodiles.